Skate Country Building Skate Country started as a growing, multiple facility, corporation out of Iowa. Founded by Donald Laughlin, Richard Nemmers and three other individuals, Skate Country first opened its doors in Tucson in 1972 with this 7980 E. 22nd St location. It is Laughlin and Nemmers, and their wives, Kathy and Marianne, who all stayed active with the corporation through the year 2000, in which everyone who has ever shared a happy moment while at Skate Country, owes a world of thanks. Laughlin and Nemmers, while never being in the skating business before, brought their deep rooted family values to the City of Tucson. Within a few years Skate Country added a second Tucson facility on Oracle, which shortly after that moved to 2700 N. Stone. By the early 1980’s, Skate country had 9 locations in four states. In the early 1990’s, Skate Country started to sell each individual business. This 22nd St. location was purchased by Robert Snellstrom in 1992. And thanks to the City of Tucson, this skating business is alive and well. . Skate Country is of course a skating business. But much more than that, Skate Country is a family business. We take pride in the fact that we share the same family values as this great City of Tucson. At least eight current employees had past generation family members that once worked at Skate Country or still work at Skate Country. In fact, Skate Country’s eight member management crew has 140 plus years on the job! We will always strive for perfection and the true indicator of perfection for us is 40 years and counting of happy customers and fond memories.

Skate Country is a hands on progressive Roller Skating Business

What makes us Different ?

Skate Country is a hands on progressive Roller Skating Business. Not only do we strive to connect and stay involved with as much of the Tucson Community and School Systems as possible, we are also keenly aware of the times and what the public and in particular our new generation of kids demand. At the same time, we will never lose touch of our core values and providing a SAFE, CLEAN, WHOLESOME and HEALTHY ATMOSPHERE!

skate country crewManagement Crew

Bob SnellstromRobert Snellstrom Since 1972 Hello, my name is Robert Snellstrom. Most everyone knows me as Bob. I’ve been with Skate Country since 1972. I grew up in Tucson and went to school at Steele, Marshall, Magee, Sahuaro and the University of Arizona. In 1975 I was transferred by Skate Country to New Orleans to manage one of their new facilities. I loved New Orleans and became a huge Saints fan. In 1992 I had the opportunity to return home to Tucson and buy Skate Country. My staff and happy kids on skates make my job all the more enjoyable. I am a huge sports fan and enjoy being outdoors. Bob has officially retired Nov. 1st 2015 and will be missed!!

Marlene LeerMarlene LeerSince 1995 Hi, my name is Marlene Leer.  I have always loved to skate and I landed my dream job at Skate Country in 1995 at the age of 14! I originally started in the snack bar then floor guarded/DJ. and worked my way up to management. Currently I am owner of Skate Country with the goal of carrying on the fun, affordable, family friendly atmosphere we have always been known for. One of the many reasons I enjoy working at Skate Country is getting to meet many new people,  I truly love what I do and doesn’t feel like a job at all. I am always looking for ways to make the business run as smoothly as possible and incorporate new ideas into the business. I look forward to a bright and prosperous future with Skate Country.

PattyPatty Since 1994 My name is Patty. I’ve been with Skate Country 20 plus years, starting in 1994. I also am a full time employee at Royal Buick where I’ve been for over 30 years. One of the most gratifying experiences for me working at Skate Country has been watching kids grow into young adults and returning with kids of their own. I still enjoy roller skating and working around my home.
Troy Wyatt Troy Wyatt Since 2001 Hi, I’m Troy Wyatt. I started with Skate Country a little over 15 years ago in 2001. For me, it has always been a fun and exciting place to come to work. The most enjoyable time of the day is when we open our doors to greet our many smiling customers. Working here has allowed me to meet many great people and develop many lifelong friendships.

Steve GabanySteve Gabany Since 1975 Hello, my name is Steve Gabany. I started with Skate Country in 1975 as a skate attendant. From there I moved into management. Eventually I became General Manager and part owner of Tucson’s 2700 N. Stone location. When that facility closed, I opened Arizona Skate Center in Marana. Currently I am employed full time at Costco as well as a couple days a week at Skate Country. I still enjoy coming to work and seeing all of the friends I’ve made in my 35 plus years in the skating business. I have two grown children, one son who now works at Skate Country and a daughter and grandson. I still enjoy skating, mostly on adult night where I’m still known to “tear it up” once in a while.