Diane Watkins is a certified Skating Coach with 34 years experience Diane Watkins is a certified Skating Coach with 34 years experience. She has coached hundreds of students in Dance, Team Dance and Figures, reaching the top with both regional and national titles. Diane's own competitive experience included Team Dance and Speed Skating, reaching national levels. Her passion for skating throughout the years and patience with students at all levels of ability has kept her desire for coaching a priority. Diane realizes how lessons and intense training for skating can be the corner stone to developing values, goals, and life skills for future endeavors beyond skating.

For more information please call Diane at 886-4880 or e-mail her at tucsonsk8pro@gmail.com


 Registering Now for Lessons!

Group skating lessons are available for a duration of 6 weekends. Our next session of lessons will start on August 24th – September 28th 2019 & will cost $65. Group lessons are on Saturday mornings at 9AM or 9:30AM depending on your skill level. It includes the half hour lesson and the lesson participants get to skate with the skating session that follows from 10AM-NOON. Sign up by August 17th, 2019 to avoid $5 late fee.




The beginners class will be at 9:30AM, advanced beginner classes at 9:00AM,  and Dance lessons will be at 8:30AM. Sign up in-store at Skate Country. Diane accepts cash or check only- please make checks out to Diane Watkins.

Group Lessons

Skate Country Group LessonsGroup Lessons are for all ages, Adults and Children Welcome!

Class size may be limited to about 20 students per group. Early registration is encouraged for group lessons. Classes usually run in 6 week sessions and cost $65.00 per student with a late registration fee (week of) of $5.00. Registration forms should be completely filled out and left with check or cash payment at the Skate Country front office. Checks should be made out to Diane Watkins. Credit Card payment for lessons is not accepted. Paid lessons includes student to stay and skate the 10:00AM to Noon Public Skating Session for free.

Skate Country Group Lessons

Group Lesson Beginner Class:Saturdays at 9:30AM to 10:00AM. Build confidence on skates, learn body control, how to start and stop and how to skate to music. Must be willing to “try” and skate by one’s self without constant need for individual assistance in standing up. Includes two-feet and one-foot basics.

Skate Country Group Lessons

Group Lesson Advance Beginner Class:Saturdays at 9:00AM to 9:30AM Students should be capable of rolling on one foot for at least 4 seconds. Students will learn footwork, backwards skating and some dance concepts.

Skate Country Group Lessons

Group Lessons Intermediate LevelsDance:
Saturdays at 8:30AM to 9:00AM Introduction to Bronze Level of compulsory dances. Combining moves learned and doing it all to music. Learn solo dance first, then broaden your horizons to team dancing later. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Skate Country Group Lessons

Figures: Saturdays at 8:00AM to 8:30AM Learn to trace the figure circles on the skating floor from knowledge of body basics. Great foundation for dance and freestyle skaters. Must have accomplished skills of advanced beginner or approval from coach. These skills will expedite your advancing to higher levels.

Private Lessons:

Skate Country Private Lessons

Private or Semi-Private Lessons:

Private lessons are for a 25 minute period and will include skate rental if needed. Scheduled on an individual basis. Please call Diane for pricing.

520-886-4880. Set your goals! Fine tune your skills to more advanced levels. Beneficial for students unable to stand up by themselves;those who may have special needs physically;or those whose time schedules are challenged;those who desire a slower or faster learning pace then what group

lessons provide;and students preparing for tests and competition.





Skate Country Private Lessons


Achievement tests are available and can usually be taken locally when different levels of progress are reached.Pins are awarded for reaching each goal.



Skate Country Private Lessons



When development progresses, competing against others to see how one compares to another is the next stage of FUN. Inspiring and rewarding! Students compete within the state,within our Southwest Region (California,Nevada,Arizona), and,when qualified, will travel to different parts of the U.S for national competition. Divisions are established by age and expertise. Awards are usually given for the top three placements in each division.










Skaters from SKATE COUNTRY are represented by joining the TUCSON DANCE AND FIGURE SKATING CLUB. All ages compete-from the little ones all the way up to seniors in retirement!