Wow, we just celebrated our Daughter’s twelfth birthday with a party at Skate Country. She said it was the “BEST” party ever! We had two reserved tables with her name on them, she was able to request her favorite music and all her friends were permitted to sing happy birthday to her in the DJ both. It’s a day she will never forget! Thank you to all the wonderful and caring staff at Skate Country for a true memory for all of us.

Gregg, Kim and Jonalee Clenndennen


 Dear Managers,

This is to let you know how wonderful our birthday party experience was at Skate Country.The success was due in large part, having Kris as our hostess Traci, our youngest daughter, had her 17th birthday party celebrated there and it was a success! Kris was amazing. She was attentive, polite, informative, and I have no complaints about anything. She made the party a very positive experience for all of us. She made sure we had everything we needed at just he right time, and came back to make sure we were happy and had everything we needed. We felt we were important and a priority to her, and we couldn’t have been happier.Thank you Kris and Skate Country for all you do~!

 Lizzie Crocco, and Marty Crocco

parents of Traci

Fundraising Parties may only be scheduled outside of our “Public Skating Schedule”. The cost of a two hour Fundraising Skating Party is a minimum $4.00 per person, rental skates $4.00 extra if necessary. Fundraising Parties require an 80 person paid minimum in order for your organization to share in the funds. If your organization reaches 80 paid, the admissions are split 50/50, less 8.7% tax. If your organization does not reach 80 paid there is no penalty except that you will not share in the funds. It is the organization’s choice to allow the public or to keep private. Reservations are confirmed with a scheduled meeting to review and sign the contract and leave a $50.00 deposit. Fundraising Parties include a fully staffed building with all music, themes and programming totally under your direction. Our snack bar is open and available but food is an additional cost. There is no outside food or drinks permitted during fundraisers unless listed and agreed at the signing of the contract. The following is text from a standard Fundraising Contract:

This contract is to confirm the fundraising party dates that you have already booked with us. Please review, and if all the information meets with your approval, sign and return one copy. You may mail or fax this form back. You may keep the other copy for your records. Give careful consideration to the dates you have booked. Because of the expenses we incur and the fact we turn some schools away, please do everything possible to avoid changes or cancellations once you’ve reviewed your dates and have signed this letter.

We have large 36×24 posters available for pick up anytime to hang in your school and promote your party. We will also provide you with a master flyer copy for each party scheduled that may be copied and handed out to your school’s student body. This flyer may be mailed, emailed or picked up as per your request. Please note at the bottom of this contract your preference. Due to the number of changes and cancellations resulting in wasted paper, Skate Country will no longer pre-print these flyers.

Please note that the admission is $4.00. There is a 50/50 split of the total admission money, less the current tax rate, as long as you reach the 80-person minimum. Skate rental is $4.00. If you feel, as a promoter you need assistance in getting your numbers up, please contact us and we can discuss ideas or send you a “Suggestions” list which provides many ideas that may help you have a more profitable party.

Remember this is your party. Music, programming and specials are at your discretion and direction. Our trained DJ’s will follow an itinerary, if you choose to provide one, or you may run the party by way of requests and/or guidance from your guests. You are welcome to bring your own music (iPods work great) for us to play, or rely on our very large selection and variety of music. Special lighting effects are also available for your pleasure. If you are doing a raffle and need special accommodations like a table set up or would like to go over anything, please call us at least a few days prior so we can properly assist you.

Please also be reminded that we do have an 80-person minimum for your parties. If you fall short of 80 skaters, you will not share in the money. Also, please be aware, if you should cancel or change dates within 30 days of your contracted date, a $50.00 cancellation fee will be assessed and taken out of your next parties proceeds. If you do not have another party booked, you will forfeit your deposit. Also, please note there will be no outside food or drinks permitted, this also includes birthday cakes.

ATTENTION: We do not have medical insurance. We cannot be responsible for any medical expenses you may incur. We demand strict compliance of all our safety rules. You will find our safety rules posted in our lobby and inside our building. Please have fun, but remember: YOU ASSUME THE RISK THAT ACCIDENTS DO OCCUR WHEN GROUPS OF PEOPLE ROLLER SKATE TOGETHER. PLEASE SKATE CAUTIOUSLY AND CAREFULLY BECAUSE THE ACTIVITY OF ROLLER SKATING INCLUDES FALLING. IT’S THE PARTY SPONSORS RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM PARTICIPANTS OF THE TERMS CONTAINED IN THIS CONTRACT.