Wow, we just celebrated our Daughter’s twelfth birthday with a party at Skate Country. She said it was the “BEST” party ever! We had two reserved tables with her name on them, she was able to request her favorite music and all her friends were permitted to sing happy birthday to her in the DJ both. It’s a day she will never forget! Thank you to all the wonderful and caring staff at Skate Country for a true memory for all of us.

Gregg, Kim and Jonalee Clenndennen


 Dear Managers,

This is to let you know how wonderful our birthday party experience was at Skate Country.The success was due in large part, having Kris as our hostess Traci, our youngest daughter, had her 17th birthday party celebrated there and it was a success! Kris was amazing. She was attentive, polite, informative, and I have no complaints about anything. She made the party a very positive experience for all of us. She made sure we had everything we needed at just he right time, and came back to make sure we were happy and had everything we needed. We felt we were important and a priority to her, and we couldn’t have been happier.Thank you Kris and Skate Country for all you do~!

 Lizzie Crocco, and Marty Crocco

parents of Traci

Private Parties may only be scheduled outside of our “Public Skating Schedule”. The cost of a two hour Private Skating Party is $7.50 per person, rental skates included, with a 100 person paid minimum. Additional time is $3.75 an hour per person. You may have a Private Party for less than 100 people but you will still be responsible for the $750.00 minimum (100 x $7.50 = $750.00). Private Party reservations may start with a phone call to review days and times available. Reservations are confirmed with a scheduled meeting to review and sign the contract and leave a $50.00 deposit. Private Parties include a fully staffed building with all the music, themes and programming totally under your direction. Our snack bar is open and available but food is an additional cost. Outside food is permitted during Private Parties but must be cleared with Skate Country management during the signing of the contract.

The following is text from our standard Private Party Contract:


  • We agree to pay a minimum of $750.00 (sales tax included).
  • The minimum covers up to 100 skaters. Each additional skater after the first 100 is $7.50 per person (sales tax included).
  • Non-skating adults are not counted or charged. This amount includes rental skates. Guests may choose to bring their own skates, however, this does not change the rate.
  • A $50.00 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is due at the signing of this contract.
  • The balance is due at the time of the party unless otherwise arranged with Skate Country management and noted on this contract.
  • Payment should be in one lump sum and not in individual increments unless prearranged and approved by Skate Country Management and noted on this contract.
  • We accept VISA/MasterCard/Discover/American Express, or cash. Party sponsor is solely responsible for payment of all guests.
  • It will not be Skate Country’s responsibility to collect from individuals, only from the party sponsor.
  • The party sponsor may gain access to the facility no more than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the party.
  • Party guests will be admitted the actual scheduled starting time of the party. Our building will be staffed and our snack bar will be open.
  • If you have questions concerning food that we have available in our snack bar and quantity discount pricing, please address those questions prior to the party date.
  • We do not allow food that requires heating and/or cooking inside or in the parking lot. Remember, this is your party.
  • Music, programming and specials are at your discretion and direction.
  • Our trained DJs will follow an itinerary, if you choose to provide one, or run the party by way of requests and/or guidance from your guests.
  • You are welcome to bring your own music (CDs) or IPOD for us to play, or rely on our very large selection and variety of music.
  • Special lighting effects are also available for your pleasure.
  • No alteration from this contract will be permissible, unless otherwise approved by the Manager.
  • Party sponsor agrees to notify Skate Country a minimum of 90 days in advance for any cancellation in order to receive a full return of their deposit.
  • If the party is cancelled for any reason within 90 days of the party date, the deposit will be forfeited.

ATTENTION: We do not have medical insurance. We cannot be responsible for any medical expenses you may incur. We demand strict compliance of all our safety rules. You will find our safety rules posted in our lobby and inside our building. Please have fun, but remember: YOU ASSUME THE RISK THAT ACCIDENTS DO OCCUR WHEN GROUPS OF PEOPLE ROLLER SKATE TOGETHER. PLEASE SKATE CAUTIOUSLY AND CAREFULLY BECAUSE THE ACTIVITY OF ROLLER SKATING INCLUDES FALLING. IT’S THE PARTY SPONSORS RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM PARTICIPANTS OF THE TERMS CONTAINED IN THIS PARAGRAPH.