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Wow, we just celebrated our Daughter’s twelfth birthday with a party at Skate Country. She said it was the “BEST” party ever! We had two reserved tables with her name on them, she was able to request her favorite music and all her friends were permitted to sing happy birthday to her in the DJ both. It’s a day she will never forget! Thank you to all the wonderful and caring staff at Skate Country for a true memory for all of us.

Gregg, Kim and Jonalee Clenndennen


 Dear Managers,

This is to let you know how wonderful our birthday party experience was at Skate Country.The success was due in large part, having Kris as our hostess Traci, our youngest daughter, had her 17th birthday party celebrated there and it was a success! Kris was amazing. She was attentive, polite, informative, and I have no complaints about anything. She made the party a very positive experience for all of us. She made sure we had everything we needed at just he right time, and came back to make sure we were happy and had everything we needed. We felt we were important and a priority to her, and we couldn’t have been happier.Thank you Kris and Skate Country for all you do~!

 Lizzie Crocco, and Marty Crocco

parents of Traci

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