Skate Country - Large Groups

Have a large group?

Skate Country offers Group Rates during most open public skating sessions. Due to the different skating seasons and changing traffic flows, there may be some skating times on our “Public Skating Schedule” not available for Group Rates. Rates may also vary depending on the day and time of the group.

What Do Group Rates Include?

Group rates will include rental skates for each individual. Group rate cost does not change if some bring their own skates. The requirements for group rates are as follows:

  • Phone reservations a minimum 48 hours in advance are required
  • Must have 20 or more skaters
  • Must enter as one group with no late comers
  • No outside food or drinks
  • Money must be pre-collected and paid in one lump sum
  • No other coupons or discount offers may be used along with a group rate
  • Please call (520)298-4409 for reservations or further details.

Call For Reservations 520.298.4409